Discipline Regulation

A student commits misconduct if he/she engages in the following acts of indiscipline:-

  • Serious breach of rules/orders, orders and instructions of the institute.
  • Unauthorized absence from classes and irregular attendance.
  • Violent or obnoxious behavior in the classroom or college campus.
  • Constant negligence of studies and assignments.
  • Consumption of any form of intoxicant (drugs, liquor, tobacco) or substance abuse.
  • Use of any unfair means during a class test or examination.
  • Failure to report cases of indiscipline to the head of the department/ chief proctor or other college authorities.
  • Indecent behavior towards any college authority or fellow student, whether it is physical or gestural.
  • Disrespect towards any religion, caste, culture or community.
  • Damaging institutional property, equipments, tools or books.
  • Failure to adhere to the uniform of the institute.
  • Association with any anti national activity, organization or person.
  • Failure to obtain no dues certificate before commencement of university examination.
  • Daming the library books, journal or any other literature belonging to the institute.
  • Any kind of meeting or gathering shall not be convinced and no person shall be invited to address any meeting in the college premises without prior permission of the authorities.
  • All the students are supposed to follow safety precaution. The institute shall not be responsible in case of any mishap in the campus or in the university.