• Zoology Lab

    • The zoology laboratory at JMB provides a descriptive study of all the branches of animal kingdom including its diversity and evolutionary aspects. The laboratory facilitates all the necessary requirements of advanced practical skills based on latest technology. Any knowledge is insufficient without its practical application and practical zoology is based on the foundation of structure and function of different kinds of animals and complex relation between animals and its habitat.

      The laboratory curriculum includes permanent slide preparation, dissection of animals, study of ecosystem, animal behavior, technology, immunology, blood cell count, and biotechnological experiments.

      The laboratory is well designed to cater the current needs of analytical knowledge to the young scientists and researchers imparting field application and procedures of sample analysis.

      The laboratory harbors equipments such as microscope, pH meter, colorimeter, hemoglobin meter, centrifuge, microtone etc. Students are also taught about their handling and proper usage.

  • Botany Lab

    • BOTANY LAB The department has maintained quality teaching and research in plant sciences. Department is well known for its untiring efforts & sincere dedication for setting the best standards of teaching-learning process. We strongly believe that pedagogy is well strengthened not only by imparting best lectures but also by giving students an exposure of 'hands on practice' through practical classes and research projects. For This Purpose, there is well equipped laboratory with apparatus related to coursework like Autoclave, Compound microscope, Hot air oven, Microtome, Thermometer, Hydroponics, Centrifuge, Potometer, Respirometer, Incubator Chamber, Digital PH meter and many more. The department offers Master of Science (M. Sc.) in Botany which has involved in regular classroom teaching by subject experts as well as in extra curriculum activities, academic visits and tours like Central Institute Of Medicinal And Aromatic Plant, Pant Nagar, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, Biotech Park, Lucknow etc. for the study of wide range species of plants and their related research. The department is always promoting its students and faculty members to present and discuss their academic problems and to attend. The laboratories are well furnished to cater various needs of the students.

      We at JMB provides a comprehensive training in identification of flora (such as Algae, Fungi, Bryophytes, Pteridophyta, Gymnosperm, Angiosperm), Cell Biology (study of slides of cell division), Physiological (mentioned as demonstration of transpiration, photosynthesis), Anatomical and Morphological (such as preparation of permanent and temporary slides of many dicot and monocot plant’s stem and root), Microbiology (isolation of different types of microbes present in environment), Biotechnology, Plant Pathology with special reference to Indian ecology and environment.

  • Chemistry Lab

    • The department comprises of well-equipped chemistry lab with advanced equipments such as Spectrophotometer, flame photo meter, potentiometer, PH meter, calorimeter, distillation apparatus, kipps apparatus etc. There is also a chemical society in the science department where the students and the teachers interact beyond class room curriculum. The society organizes seminars, workshops and expert lecturers on regular basis to expose students to the latest developments. The syllabus is designed in such a way that our students can opt for any of specialized fields such as Green-chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Nano-chemistry, Analytical chemistry, computational chemistry, Bio-Technology, Industrial Chemistry.

      The main focus of experimental knowledge and research in the department is centered on interdisciplinary content which have gained significant attention and appreciation.

  • Physics Lab

    • Our Physics lab contains modern & well quality based apparatus which are equipped for students. By them students will gain the knowledge based on practical doing.

      In the lab the experiments are conducted under well trained faculty. The condition which are necessary for experiment are controlled for example:- optics. The lighting condition are well controlled by modern technology.

      Physics lab is classified according to practical in it’s types as Mechanics, Optics, Electronics, Oscillation, Properties of Matter, Kinetic theory of matter, Thermodynamics, Lights, Circuit fundamental Electronics, Magneto statics, Molecular Physics, Lasers, Waves and Power supplies etc.

      The experiment by the following classifications of practical which are conducted in our Lab like as Bar Pendulum, P.N. Junction, Diode in forward and reverse biased, Zener Diode, N-P-N Transistor, Moment of inertia, Spiral spring, Half and full wave rectifier, T-C coupled amplifier, Newton’s rings, Calibration of Voltmeter, Calibration of ammeter, P-O box, Maxwell’s Bridge, Moving coil, Ballistic galvanometer, Characteristics of FET, R-C coupled amplifier, Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT), CRO, Carey – foster Bridge, Meter Bridge, Interference of Light, Resolving limit of telescope, study of laser as a mono chromatic sources, Decay of current in L-R and R-C circuits, High resistance by Leakage method, Bending of beam etc.

  • Biotechnology Lab

    • Biotechnology is a rising field with immense scope and application and requires rigorous laboratory work. The laboratory of biotechnology at JMB is well equipped with all the necessities of the curriculum such as magnetic stirrer, mechanical shaker, centrifuge, digital pH meter, water distillation assembly and hot plate.

      The biotechnological applications at bachelors level include microbiological experiments (Blood test, Widal test, ELISA), sterilization experiments, molecular biology (DNA isolation, electrophoresis) bioinformatics and biochemical tests (Carbohydrate, protein, lipid estimation), chromatography experiments.

  • Food & Nutrition Lab

    • The Lab is running under Home Science Department. The Food & Nutrition laboratory is located on the well managed campus of JMB Institute. Standard equipments as: Hot air Oven, Milk PH meter, Weighing Machine etc. evaluate the level of food items/products. Our students of Food & Nutrition also study or learn how nutrients, diets and supplements impact health and nutritional performance. The laboratory contains demonstration counters with gas stovetop as well as air independent cooking stations. Each cooking station include: - Gas stovetop and range, sink and cupboards filled with kitchen supplies and gadgets.

      Our institute organizes the cooking classes for the students, where students cook the advanced food items such as cookies, muffins, cakes etc under the guidance of lecturers.

      JMB organizes fruit preservation classes to prepare or learn to cook different types of squashes, juices, specific fruit jellies and much more. These classes develop the profession and entrepreneur skills among the students.

  • Clothing & Textile Lab

    • The lab is running under Home Science department of JMB Institute. Our institute provides all the facilities related to clothing like electronic sewing machines operated by electric instructions. students also learn about to testing of the fabric-cycle. Students of Home Science department at under graduate & post graduate level learns textile designing and printing, information of clothing and about to textile.

      The faculty members teach different types of garments such as designer sarees, designer kurties, suits, gowns. Regular dress designing & dress development programmes is carried out by the department to explore entrepreneurship skills in the students.

  • Art & Craft Lab

    • This Lab is running under Home Science department. JMB has a Art & Craft lab where various activities like waste material utilization, handmade painting, toy making activities, wall hanging design, charts & model making, pot decoration, flower arrangement, candle making activities are promoted. Our hugely experienced teachers heartily help the learners to show their talent. The main objective of home science department is to make students self dependent & to develop entrepreneur skills in the students.

  • Computer Lab

    • The Lab is running under the Home Science department. Students use the computer lab for their academic development. We at JMB believe in overall academic development of students. Computer at the college are provided for the use of students doing course related work. All the students use the computer systems for their project work, to make different types of slides for presentations & seminars, and learn how to use internet, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and many more applications. Our faculty member teaches the students about the computer and its features. Computer Laboratory is available for instructional and training of students.

  • Geography Lab

    • Geography lab plays a pivotal role in enriching geographical base of a student a necessary part of learning that exposes student to full spectrum of disciplinary sub-fields Physical, Human & Nature – Society geography as well as geographical techniques. The lab is well equipped with a series of Maps, Topographic Sheets and Variety of survey equipments like Plane Table, Prismatic Compass, Telescopic Alidade, Indian Clinometers, Theodolite, Electric Globe, Anemometer, Wind wane, Standard Time Indicator and Wet & Dry Bulb Thermometers. CDs related to different topics are also kept in the Lab.

  • Drawing & Painting Lab

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  • Home Science Lab

    • The home science laboratory at JMB is designed exclusively for the students of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Master of Arts (M.A.). It is well equipped with all the requirements of practical knowledge of all the branches of home science such as Foods & Nutrition, Clothing and resource management. The laboratory curriculum includes cooking (various methods and procedures), sewing and garment construction, food testing and analysis of its characteristics, interior decoration etc. All the equipments such as microwave oven, refrigerator, induction plate, sewing machines, grinder etc are available for the students to carry out different experiments.

  • Library

    • The library at JMB is constructed with an aim to induce reading habits in the students which is rapidly diminishing. it involves about 300 titles, 6000 volumes and various journals of renowned international and national authors of celebrated knowledge and intellect. The books coincide with all the departments at JMB science, arts, commerce, home science and education and cater well to all the education and library needs. The students pursuing post graduate degree programme have various journals and issues in the library providing them with current research insights and innovation in their respective disciplines

  • Auditorium

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